Ongoing evolution of materials

Sorel Forge is known for its alloy steels used in the making of mold for the plastic injection industry. The outstanding quality of our steels is assured by rigorous controls at every step of the process. At Sorel Forge, in a demonstration of confidence, we support our SF-2000 mold steel by our "material and labour" warranty, your guarantee for unmatched quality.

Sorel Forge also supplies quality forgings to many industrial sectors such as heavy machinery, power generation, pulp and paper, steel processing, mining and petrochemical industry. Our custom forging line of products includes a wide variety of shaped forgings, pinions, rotors, spindles, rings, discs, sleeves and hollow bored shafts. Sorel Forge produces open-die forging from 2,200 pounds (1,000 kg) to 59,000 pounds (27,000 kg).

  • SF-2000, Sorel Forge's pride
  • Mold steels for plastic injection industry
  • Tool and die steels for die casting, metal forging and extrusion
  • Machinery steel forgings for heavy industrial applications
  • Carbon, alloy and stainless steel forged bars
  • Billets and ingots for forgers

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