Quality comes first

Finkl Steel is devoted to the safe manufacture and on time delivery of specialty steel forgings and ingots, exceeding customer expectations worldwide


Finkl Steel is committed to consistently providing its customers with the best products. Advanced metallurgy, modern chemical analysis equipment, complete mechanical and metallographic laboratory and statistical process control techniques are used to monitor our process parameters and maintain the highest level of quality. Quality control is built into every stage of manufacturing, from order acknowledgement to delivery, proven by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Finkl Steel - Sorel thus assures that customer specifications and stringent internal quality standards are always exceeded. Non-destructive testing requirements such as: ultrasonic, magnetic-particles and liquid-penetrant are performed in house by certified personnel (A.S.N.T. and C.G.S.B.) to meet all specification needs.

Professionally trained and skilled personnel added to over 75 years experience as a forging company and a strong commitment to technology, have earned Finkl Steel - Sorel an excellent reputation, amongst the leaders in the open die forging industry.