Die and Hot Working Steels

SF-DIE is a tougher Cr Ni Mo steel of the hot work class. It is characterized by its uniform surface/center hardness distribution. It has a high level of ductility particularly above 200°F (95°C). SF-DIE is specially designed for large die sections and can be used as special mold frame for plastic and other material forming industries.

SF-2714 is a strong Cr Ni Mo steel of the hot work class available in annealed condition or pre-hardened at 355-400 BHN. It meets international standards: DIN 1.2714/56NiCrMoV7. SF-2714 is designed for large die sections. SF-2714 can also be used as special mould for plastics and other materials.

SF-H 13 is a single-melt vacuum degased universal die casting steel. It is also suitable for extrusion dies and associated tooling. It has excellent hot strength, wear resistance and toughness.

SF-H 13 ESR is a superior product designed to meet die casting industry PREMIUM quality specifications. It offers excellent microcleanliness, homogeneity and refined microstructure to provide higher thermal fatigue resistance.

Plastic Mold Steels

SF-2000 and SF-2000 HH are premium prehardened mold steels specially designed for through hardenability and ease of machining for large plastic injection molds.

Typical applications:

  • Injection molds of large size   
  • Compression molds
  • Dies for plastic extrusion
  • High strength holder/die shoe                      



Key points:


SF-2050 is a new super hard steel supplied in the prehardened condition for improved wear resistance of parting lines for reinforced plastic injection. 

Typical applications:

  • Injection molds
  • Compression molds
  • Long run molds
  • Abrasive/reinforced plastic injection molds 
  • Dies for non corrosive plastic extrusion 

Key points:

  • Prehardened high strength steel
  • Good polishability
  • Uniform hardness
  • Improved wear resistance


SF-2000 LQ is an electroslag remelted (ESR) prehardened steel for superior polishing capability. This high quality steel is offered in two (2) hardness ranges: LQ36 (34-38 RC) and LQ40 (38-42 RC)

Typical applications:

  • Clear lens molds
  • Mirror surface finish molds (SPI A1 and sharper)   




Key points:

  • Excellent polishability
  • Uniform high hardness
  • Good machinability
  • Good wear resistance
  • Superior texturing capability


SF-Holder is a modified AISI-4140 alloy steel delivered in prehardened condition (28-34 RC) for holder, mold base or other components in injection plastic molding.

SF-1 is a general purpose carbon steel. It is supplied in the normalized and tempered condition. It offers excellent machinability.

SF-420 ESR is a superior stainless mold steel. This extra clean steel provides for the finest quality finish with high polishability and etchability.

  • Microcleanliness fully conforms to maximum rating of 1 in all categories per ASTM E-45
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Improved isotropic properties

SF-420 is a stainless mold steel. It is recommended for molding vinyl base or other abrasive/corrosive plastics. It can be used for injection, compression and transfer molding. It is best for long product run.