Mold, Tool and Die Steels

Hot Working Steels

FX is a tougher Cr Ni Mo steel of the hot work class. It is characterized by its uniform surface/center hardness distribution. It has a high level of ductility particularly above 200°F (95°C). FX is specially designed for aluminum forging dies and can be used as special mold frame for plastic and other material forming industries.

DURODI (1.2714 Mod) is a strong NiCrMo steel of the hot work class 1.2714 modified available in annealed condition or pre-hardened at 352-388 BHN or 388-429 BHN. It exceeds international standards: DIN 1.2714/56NiCrMoV7. DURODI is designed for large die sections and can also be used as special mould for plastics and other materials.

DC (H13)  is available in multiple quality levels (single-melt, ESR or VAR). It is mostly used in die-casting, extrusion dies and associated tooling and plastic molding. It has excellent hot strength, wear resistance and toughness. Can be supplied pre-certified to NADCA GRADE A or B

CX (1.2766)

H11 (1.2343) is a hot work tool steel available in many qualities (air melted, ESR or VAR)  that can be delivered pre-certified to NADCA GRADE D

WF  is the ultimate Cr-Mo die steel allowing balanced properties for high impact toughness and temper resistance  in forging operations. Highly effective in conditions where H13 fails and  usual pre-hardened die steels can't last. 

ShellDie (H11 Mod or 1.2343 Mod) is a hot work tool steel available in many qualities (air melted, ESR or VAR)  that can be delivered pre-certified to NADCA GRADE E

SuperDie (1.2367 Mod) is a hot work tool steel available in many qualities (air melted, ESR or VAR)  that can be delivered pre-certified to NADCA GRADE C. Chemical composition is balanced in order to have optimal temper resistance and impact toughness at high temperatures.

Plastic Mold Steels

CoreBloc (P20+S or 1.2312 Mod) is a prehardened mold steel specially designed for the core side or the B-face of injection molds with  through hardenability and ease of machining.

Typical applications:

  • Core side for injection molds up to 40" (1015 mm)   
  • Non-show part injection tooling
  • Brake dies
  • High strength holder/die shoe                      

Key points:

  • Higher through hardenability vs 4140 or HolderBloc
  • Best machinability
  • Good weldability


MD & HH MD (P20+Ni or 1.2738) are premium prehardened mold steels specially designed for ease of machining for large plastic injection molds.

Recommended applications:

  • Injection molds up to 30" (760 mm)   
  • Molds for painted parts
  • Compression molds
  • Dies for non-corrosive plastic extrusion
  • High strength holder/die shoe                      

Key points:

  • Excellent machinability
  • Good polishability
  • Excellente weldability
  • Improved wear resistance versus 1.2738


MD Xtra (P20 Mod or 1.2738 Mod) is a new prehardened steel supplied in three hardness levels for highest through hardenability, improved wear resistance of parting lines for reinforced plastic injection and ease of texturing for grained parts.

Typical applications:

  • Injection molds of any size
  • Grained or textured molds
  • Molds for chrome-plated parts
  • Compression molds
  • Long run molds
  • Abrasive/reinforced plastic injection molds 
  • Dies for non corrosive plastic extrusion 

Key points:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Improved through hardenability
  • Ease of texturing
  • Good polishability
  • Excellent weldability
  • Improved wear resistance


MLQ Xtra is a remelted (VAR or ESR) prehardened steel for superior polishing capability.

Typical applications:

  • Clear lens molds
  • Mirror surface finish molds (SPI A1 and sharper)   




Key points:

  • Best thermal conductivity
  • Excellent polishability
  • Uniform high hardness
  • Good machinability
  • Good wear resistance
  • Superior texturing capability


HolderBloc (4140 Mod) is a modified AISI-4140 alloy steel delivered in prehardened condition (28-34 RC) for holder, mold base or other components in injection plastic molding.

420M & 420Q (1.2083) are stainless mold steels. They are recommended for molding vinyl base or other abrasive/corrosive plastics. They can be used for injection, compression and transfer molding. It is best for long product run. Also available in ESR or VAR.